Whereas, the Napoleon Area Schools have passed a bond issue to build a new elementary school and middle school building; and

Whereas, the John L. Johnson Auditorium, along with the rest of Central Elementary and the Napoleon Middle school buildings are to be torn down; and

Whereas, Napoleon and Henry County would be left Without a dedicated performing arts center; and

Whereas, the arts have played an integral role in the history and expansion Of our  region.

Therefore, I, Ronald A. Behm, Mayor of the City of Napoleon, do hereby recognize and support the formation efforts of the NAPOLEON CIVIC CENTER STEERING COMMITTEE in their endeavor to set up a non-profit foundation to save the John L. Johnson Auditorium and portions of the present Central Elementary School for use as a Civic center

In Witness Whereas, I here unto Set my hand and the Official seal of the City of Napoleon this 11th day Of December in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Twelve.