The Henry County Arts Council
P.O.Box 54
Napoleon, Ohio 43545

Re: the Napoleon Civic Center Concept

We at the Henry County Arts Council, believe that retaining¬† and improving the Napoleon Area Schools’ Elementary and Middle School Building on West Main Street, Napoleon is a viable and exciting idea. We very much like the ideas of gathering the non-profit organizations of our area into one space not only for convenience, but for financial reasons. The John L Johnson Auditorium, which is the ONLY theatre space in our county large enough to seat 750 persons is so important for our community. The cafeteria space and gym space is great for on-going practices and use.

We believe that this building is a cornerstone of our town. We wish the support group that is heading this project good luck in the success of a civic center for ALL OF US in Napoleon and in Henry County.


Mary Katherine Meyers
Henry County Arts Council