Give project more time

How can we work together as school leaders, government officials, and the Cultural Center of Henry County to bring economic growth and enhance our quality of life?  What can we do together with the CCHC property that will positively impact our residents?

The three sections of this building combine to make the most cost-effective use of this property and improve the lives of area residents.  The county has cited a need for housing, schools want to grow, businesses need to attract workers and customers.  In one project, the CCHC can become a hub of economic development and community activity.

The Cultural Center will provide facilities for athletics and fitness.  The two gyms, Loose Field, and several classrooms can be used for club sports, dance, exercise, or martial arts.  There is ample green space on Main Street for walking and relaxing.

The John L. Johnson Auditorium with the music addition offers an excellent facility for music and drama rehearsals and performances with comfortable audience seating. In the event of a local disaster, the building can be used as a shelter and a large-scale staging area.

The West Wing provides space for offices, meetings, small businesses, and classes.  A group of private investors has raised significant assets to renovate the East Wing into unique housing units.

It takes time to develop and fund this undertaking.  None of us foresaw a pandemic.  Most schools, businesses, individuals, and governments received assistance financially or through the relaxation of regulations from the state and federal government.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we need time to complete our work.   We need your support.  The pre-Covid deadline imposed upon us by the NACS Administration was June 14, 2022.  We ask Dr. Erik Belcher and the NACS School Board for an extension of the agreement between NACS and the CCHC for two years to pursue additional grants, donations and naming rights, establish an operating endowment fund, and begin renovations.  Contact the NACS board and Dr. Belcher and tell them you support the project and an extension to complete it.

You can discuss new developments on this project.  Our board meeting is Tuesday, June 21, at 5:30 at the Emporium.  Create a buzz by talking about CCHC.  Take a tour.  Post on social media.  Make a donation.  Join CCHC.   Preserve a landmark and provide a center to learn, grow, perform, celebrate, play, socialize, and create.    Together, we can!

Shellee Murcko


*Printed in The Crescent News, Wednesday, June 15, 2022