Spring 2012 Meetings began to form the Civic Center organization after questions were being raised by community members concerning the demolition of the auditorium.
06/2012 A grant was received from the Henry County Community Foundation to cover the cost of applying for the tax-exempt status.
09/12/2012  NCC Incorporated with the State of Ohio and Federal Government.
12/15/2013 IRS granted us the 501 (c) (3) tax exemption status and we officially became the Napoleon Civic Center Foundation (NCC).
11/2015 Services of a project manager from the Mel Lanzer Company were secured.
11/2015 NCC started forming a cooperative of local business and trade groups.  To date, the following support the vision of the civic center and have stated they would help where they could.  Materials will not be free, but service costs will likely be reduced or donated.

  • Mel Lanzer Company
  • Baden Architecture
  • Speiser Electric
  • Elling Plumbing and Heating
  • Vernon Nagel Incorporated
  • Irving Demolition Wholesale Carpet
  • City of Napoleon
  • 20/20/ Custom Molded Products
01/2016 Napoleon city made the NCC aware of the zoning issue and has taken the initiative to consider what changes need to be made. With the current CIC plan, the city manager felt there is enough to justify re-zoning and did not envision the re-zoning board blocking it. The NCC also learned of the State canal land. The canal property impacts some of the parking area but not the building.  It also impacts Loose Field.  The state is willing to turn over the property but it must be received by a municipal government.
01/2016 The “paper streets” on the property were vacated by Napoleon City Council.
01/11/2016 The NCC made a presentation to the Napoleon Area Schools Board of Education.  The board has stated that they are behind our vision.
01/29/2016 The NCC met with a representative from Beihartz Architects along with the school superintendent and treasure to determine which part of the building we wanted to save and have specs prepared for partial demolition.  Both full and partial demo specs are to be let out to determine the price differential.
04/02/2016 Auction of Items at the Central Elementary and Middle School.
09/16/2016 Henry County Bank cancelled loan agreement causing the proposal to be pulled by NCC.
09/24/2016 NCC moves equipment out of Central Complex at the request of the Napoleon Area Schools (NAS) and NAS secures the site.


10/4/2016 Napoleon city historical preservation committee meets, extends a 3-month time before the issue returns to their committee.
10/09/2016 NCC submits an enhanced proposal to the NAS.
10/12/2016 NCC hosts a town hall style meeting where an overview of the proposed center was reviewed, the enhanced proposal was presented, the current financial status was presented, and questions and comments were taken.
11/03/2016 NCC meets with the superintendent, BOE president, and treasurer concerning the proposal.  The NCC will be sent the demolition specs.  These are to be given to the Irving Bros. so they can prepare an estimate (covering a 5-year period with a 3% increase every year at the request of the NAS) of the demolition.  This figure will then be used to establish the escrow account. The NCC has been given a private, no interest loan for the escrow account.  The BOE will then have the purchase agreement drawn up and transferred at the meeting in January.  The NCC and BOE will split the legal costs associated with the closing.
12/19/2016 The escrow account was set up and documentation sent to the NAS superintendent.
01/10/2017 Napoleon City historic preservation hearing was held and committee was satisfied with NCC plans.
02/01/2017 Meeting with school officials, mayor of Napoleon, and NCC trustees to outline events leading to intent to transfer property.  Contact was made with the Toledo Port Authority to see what resources they could provide.
02/06/2017 NCC meets with small business consultant at NW State.
03/2017 Received the Commercial Zoning Permit from the City of Napoleon.
05/30/2017 NCC hosts Town Hall Meeting
06/15/2017 NCC signs Papers with NAS for Quick Deed
02/26/2018 Contract with G5 Architecture was signed.
05/23/2018 Trustees walkthrough the building with G5 for specifics.
09/14/2018 G5 provides NCC with plans of Phase 1.
11/1/2018 G5 and NCC hold Bid read day for Phase 1. All bids were over the estimated Phase 1 project calculations.
11/27/2019 Met with G5 in regards to pairing down Phase 1 items after overbidding during Bid Day.
02/25/2019 Phase 1 building permits obtained and plans approved by Wood County Building.
06/2019 Loose Field Sale #1 Fell Apart (Due to NAS not ensuring canal deed was correct as the survey took forever to rectify this issue)
06/26/2019 A “silent group”, who indicated they had the money for the project, approached NCC to take over project however never submitted a proposal.
08/30/2019 G5 Filed Complaint with Court stating NCC.
05/26/2020 Loose Field/Backlot Sale #2 Fell Apart (Unknown why the seller backed out)
09/22/2020 NCC holds community meeting to regroup.
11/02/2020 Pat Bilow appointed as Volunteer Gift Planning Consultant.
11/13/20 Jeff Lankenau agrees to represent NCC as their lawyer.
11/23/20 NCC Trustees elect new officers and votes to change name.
01/28/21 Received approval on exempt real estate taxes after two year process in getting approved.
03/22/21 NCC officially become the Cultural Center of Henry County.
03/21 Cultural Center of Henry County pays outstanding bill from G5 Architecture.
06/14/2022 Need Occupancy otherwise demolition